8 original ways to find baby's first name

8 original ways to find baby's first name

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Find the name of your baby, a real puzzle! And it is not only in the books of names or on the sites that one can look for. We have found for you 8 original ways or less to find the rare pearl.

Karine Ancelet

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8 original ways to find baby's first name (8 photos)

Choice of first name: play the game of opposites

Are you waiting for a girl ? Well, go get some ideas from the little guys. It's a little boy ? Admit that some girl's names would be fine. No question, of course, to play too much extrems, but there are still possibilities. Need examples? Why not Killian for a girl and Louane for a boy?

Choosing the first name: inspire yourself ... your passions

Search for names in a book or on a first name site (even if ours is very good), it's convenient, but why not look for inspiration in your subjects of interest. You are passionate about cinema, comics or mythology. Go directly to the books or sites dedicated to these specific topics. You are more likely to fall faster and pile on a name you like.

Choice of the first name: travel in your memories

A trip to Venice, Corsica or London that marked you both? Where could your baby be designed? Why not travel in your memories and draw ideas in Italian names, Corsican or Anglo-Saxon. Your little wonder will always remind you of good memories ...

Choice of first name: open your eyes

Pay attention to everything that happens to you. Magazines, posters, newspapers and even classified ads or the Mac Do's dealer's badge from the corner are likely to trigger a crush.

Choice of the first name: go directly by the small name box

The "little name" is the nickname that many parents use to call their child when his name is a bit long. Ella for Isabella, Emma or Emy for Emmanuelle, Lou for Louise, Tom for Thomas ... Here are some very short names!

Choice of the first name: leave the beaten track

Book, internet ... are not the only resources! Cities and even the countryside are sources of inspiration and hide many names that you had not thought! Plates indicating the names of the streets, names of stadiums, schools, bus stops ... Stroll in search of good ideas. I know one who found the name of his daughter passing Léonie Etienne school.

Choice of the first name: go for a return to the sources

Formerly, we gave names that were "in the family". It's rather out of fashion, now that the goal is to find originality at all costs ... and yet there are probably nuggets within your family. An old aunt named Clémence, a grandfather Marcel or Léonce ... That's good, the retro names come back in force!

Choosing the first name: bet on quality

You would like your future child to be kind, constant, faithful ... Stop! These qualities are also first names. A good track is to draw ideas of names in qualities or other adjectives. And no question, of course, to limit yourself to French! In Kabyle for example, the name Saliha means integrity and very beautiful Indian or Vietnamese names evoke qualities too.