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Red skin and crumpled, a big head, full of hair ... that's not how you imagined it. A little patience, he will quickly become a lovely baby.

For nine months, you had dreamed round, pink and sweet ... And here is the rendezvous a baby whose appearance worries you a little. Wait a few weeks, your newborn's body must adapt to the outside world.

That's it, a baby's skin?

  • At birth, your newborn's skin is fragile and thin. Often she pulls on purple because the blood vessels are still immature. Sometimes it takes on a yellow tinge, a phenomenon called "jaundice" that occurs when your toddler destroys a lot of red blood cells. This yellowish color may take some time to disappear when you are breastfeeding.
  • Angiomas are common: we distinguish the "angiomas planes", occurring at birth, "tuberous angiomas" may arise a little later. In both cases, their appearance is normal. The plane angiomas are distinguished by red spots without relief, well defined on the skin. They appear on the nape, the forehead, the roots of the nose or the eyelids. Tuberous angiomas are manifested on the whole body. You can feel them because they are in relief, we often talk about a strawberry placed on the skin. Some angiomas are placed in areas of friction, your pediatrician will advise you in this case on the procedure to follow.
  • Another peculiarity, small grains of milium, white, sometimes appear on or around the nose, on the chin and on the penis for the little boy. They are due to the retention of sweat under the epidermis. They fade in the weeks following birth.
  • A large slate blue spot at the buttocks and at the bottom of the back impresses you? This is a concentration of melanin in the skin that will gradually fade and disappear in the first year.

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