Homeopathy: the basic kit

Homeopathy: the basic kit

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Your child is bumping? Nose bleeding ? Fever, otitis ... It's reassuring to act from the first symptoms. Assisted by your homeopathic doctor, you will quickly remember the classic drugs that must be in your pharmacy. That's the list. But if the pain persists or worsens after one or two days, go to the doctor.


  • Treat it with the combination: Arnica montana 5 CH in granules tube and Arnica montana 9 CH in doses.

Small wound

  • Two products to conjugate: Hypericum 5 CH and Ledum palustre 5 CH.

Insect bite

  • Combine: Apis mellifica 5 CH and Ledum palustre 5 CH.


  • One treatment and three products: Arnica 5 CH, China 5 CH and Millefolium 5 CH.

Travel sickness

  • Choose from: Borax 9 CH, Cocculus indicus 9 CH, Petroleum 9 CH, Staphysagria 9 CH, Tabacum 9 CH, Theridion 9 CH.

Dental thrust

  • The beneficial product: Chamomilla vulgaris 5 CH.

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